18 Month Warranty

Roqitt assures, we perform the methods that best suit the habitat with complete security and responsibility.

Easy To Install

Roqitt presents products that installs as per your living arrangements and your style. It is easy to install the products.

Introduction To Use

When the water is initiated from the outlet switch on the electricity supply.

Smart Features

Roqitt products have many special features that ease the work of people.


Roqitt, a brand known to the most for its valuable products that lift your lifestyle. We manufacture water heaters that compose your home or any commercial space feel cosy and worth living in. Family is a juncture where everyone is at their delights, and we ought to make that even more special with our mesmerising product. Roqitt is known for its commendable services that we present to our patrons in a promising nature. With great responsibility and care, we have formed ourselves to operate efficiently for your comfort.

Water heaters are a necessity in the house and our products are known for its instant heating and with complete security and regulation, the product works as one of the best suited products for our customers.

Smart Features

Easy To Install

Heater Repair

Compact Size


Shock Proof

Rust Proof

Long Life

Auto Cut off System

Time Power Saver

Easy To Install


One can fix the product near water and electricity facilities. It is the most peaceful way to avail a product by installing it nearest to the resources. We believe in; we make the products for betterment and ease of our clients and hence prefer to make it handy for them.


Roqitt products are very easy to connect with the resources, hence the water heater requires know fancy methods of plumbing; one just needs to connect it to the tab with a pipe that is provided along with the heater.


Appliances require wiring to be socketed so supply power to the heater. Any 15-amp plug would be of use to supply power to the products. Roqitt has designed products that are used at any place with best resources.

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